About 2 Shy Beauty

2Shy is proud to be the First Place in Singapore to carry the full range of BTL Aesthetics' Medical Grade Machines for treatments in cooperation with BTL, a leader in Aesthetics from the UK. Together, we aim to give to our diversified range of customers, regardless of lifestyle or background, one goal - To give you the best physique that you desrve! 2 Shy will nver be too shy to give you the support and care that you need throughout your journey to achieve great results with our FDA Approved treatments.

2 Shy understands that your body is the most precious possion you have, which is why we are passionated in the field of providing advanced non-invasive aesthetic treatments to deliver unparralled beauty transformation for our clients, from skin to targeted improvements on varioous body parts. 2 Shy is a company dedicated to people longing to bring out their best physique but are too shy to take their first step on their journey towards a better body. We, at 2 Shy, are not too shy to give you the best service. We are too shy to disappoint, and too shy to fall short of excellence in caring for our customers.

Our achievements in the field of aesthetics are only matched by the satisfaction that we get when hppy customers come back for more.

So don't be too shy to reach out to us, we'd love to hear from you

Do you do injection?

The simple answer is No

At 2 Shy, we believe in using the latest and proven non-invasive machines and treatments to minimise any damage to our clients’ body.

Does it hurt during the treatment?
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Why can't I see any pricing on your website?

We believe that everyone is different and have different concerns. Upon assessment of your conditions, we will recommend you only the necessary treatments required best suited for your needs